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Calming Activities for Back to School

kids on bean bag chairs

Back to school can be fun, but change can be hard. Help your little one adjust to the demands with these two sensory-based calming crafts, to be used in the classroom: Weighted Lap Pad Stress Ball Calming Activities Using All the Senses Calm Down Corner A great way to limit auditory, visual, and other input […]

Speech Strategy: Choice of Two

boy picking out shirt

Choice of Two Hold up two objects and give your child a choice of which one they want. If you see their eyes land on it, they reach for it, or they point to it, you know their selection. Have them try to say the word before you give it to them. “You want the […]

Coping Strategies for Loud Noises on the 4th of July + 4th of July Crafts

little girl with headphones on

Here are some tips and strategies for children who may be sensitive to noises, especially fireworks: Use headphones, earmuffs, or earplugs to decrease level of sound. Wear snug/tight clothing or consider a weighted blanked which can provide calming, deep pressure. Chew gum, suck on sports water bottle or sour candy, eat chewy or crunchy foods […]

Speech Strategy: Pausing + Father’s Day Crafts & Summer Activities

girl with down syndrome blowing bubbles

About the Speech Strategy of Pausing When you have said something to your child, or you are holding a toy and waiting to play, pause in anticipation to give your child time to listen, understand what was asked, and to respond. For example: You say, “What would you like to play?” Give your child time […]

Getting Ready for Summer Vacation + Memorial Day Craft

family in pool summer vacation

The weather is getting warmer, and summer vacation is around the corner! Ease your kiddos through these changes using these strategies for transitioning. Maintain a routine Going from a typical school-day structure to days of unplanned play may be confusing to some children. Try to maintain similar elements of their school-day schedule in order to […]

6 Stages of Social Play Development + Mother’s Day Crafts

babies playing together

Here are the 6 stages of social play development: 1. Unoccupied Play (Birth – 3 months) Babies are learning about their bodies. They spend most of their time moving their arms, feet, and legs. 2. Solitary Play (Birth – 2 years) During this stage, children enjoy playing on their own and exploring their environment independently. […]

8 Tips for Reading Books with Your Child + Spring Crafts

parent reading to child

Here are 8 tips for reading books with your child: Vary how your voice sounds. Pause at the end of predictable phrases. Reduce distractions: turn off background noises and screens. Read and re-read the same books regularly. Have a book basket or shelf where a small number of your child’s books are visible. Be animated […]

Self-Talk and Parallel-Talk + Valentine’s Day Crafts

little girl with heart valentine

Here are two language strategies you can use during any activity or task with your child: Self-Talk Narrate what YOU are doing during the activity. For example, when working on a craft, you can say “I’m making a heart!” or “I’m cutting the paper.” Parallel-Talk Narrate what YOUR CHILD is doing during the activity. For […]

Following Directions, Sensory Support + New Year’s Crafts

boy 2021 new year

Speech Therapy: Following Directions The ability to follow directions is a crucial language skill needed for academic and social success. Below are some ideas to practice following directions while cooking. You can print and cut out the badges in the January 2021 Newsletter and then reward your child as he/she masters the nine cooking skills. […]