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6 Stages of Social Play Development + Mother’s Day Crafts

babies playing together

Here are the 6 stages of social play development:

1. Unoccupied Play (Birth – 3 months)

Babies are learning about their bodies. They spend most of their time moving their arms, feet, and legs.

2. Solitary Play (Birth – 2 years)

During this stage, children enjoy playing on their own and exploring their environment independently.

3. Spectator/ Onlooker Behavior (2 – 2.5 years)

Children are now beginning to watch other children from a distance, but there is no effort to join the play.

4. Parallel Play (2.5 – 3 years)

Children are playing in closer proximity to one another but are not interacting with one another. They are paying attention to each other during this stage.

5. Associative Play (3 years)

Children are becoming more interested in one another than they are in toys. They may share materials but are not working together during play.

6. Cooperative Play (4 years)

Children are sharing toys and ideas, as well as following rules during play. They are beginning to work together during play.

Play Tip

Offer a variety of play materials. Provide long blocks of time to play (30-50 minutes). Allow your child to see the toys when they enter.

Mother’s Day & Memorial Day Crafts

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