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Self-Talk and Parallel-Talk + Valentine’s Day Crafts

little girl with heart valentine

Here are two language strategies you can use during any activity or task with your child:


Narrate what YOU are doing during the activity. For example, when working on a craft, you can say “I’m making a heart!” or “I’m cutting the paper.”


Narrate what YOUR CHILD is doing during the activity. For example, say “Wow! Look, you are gluing the hearts on the tree!”

Self-talk and parallel-talk can be used during any activity or task. They help to expose your child to as much language as possible throughout the day. Talk about what you or your child is seeing, touching, doing, smelling, or hearing.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Be sure to download our February 2021 Newsletter for some fun craft ideas, including:

  • Gelatin Heart Sensory Play
  • Mosaic Hearts
  • Heart Robot Craft
  • Speech Craft

February 2021 Newsletter (PDF)