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At Learning Tree Therapy, Inc., our programs are developed to each child’s unique needs based on an evidence-based approach. We understand and respect the uniqueness of each child and family dynamic as well as the significance of cultural diversity. We pride ourselves in our superior service in a nurturing environment and encourage our parents to participate in our therapy sessions.  Here at Learning Tree Therapy, our mission is to create an environment where children love to play and play to learn.

I’m Learning How To Help

A great place to learn how to help with my daughters speech means a lot to me.

Sara Mc Kinley

Amazing Progress

Me and my wife have seen amazing progress since we started with Learning Tree. And my son isn’t shy about reading out loud.

David Hill

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Here at Learning Tree Therapy, a licensed & certified speech-language pathologist provides assessment, therapy & support for children of all ages who are experiencing speech, language, literacy, fluency and/or social language delays.  A comprehensive evaluation must first be completed where the therapist will evaluate the child’s expressive and receptive language skills, pragmatic language skills, articulation, & oral-motor skills.  Our goal is to maximize our clients’ potential by working collaboratively with families & other professionals.


Language Disorders are defined as either receptive or expressive.  A receptive delay refers to difficulties understanding or processing language.  An expressive language delay includes difficulties expressing wants, needs, and/or thoughts and using language in socially appropriate ways.


A Pragmatic Language Impairment is a delay in the ability to appropriately use language, change a language, and follow conversational rules.  These all culminate into an individual’s ability to appropriately and effectively interact with others in a variety of settings.


Stuttering, or Fluency Delay, is the interruption in the smooth flow of speech and affects approximately 1% of the population. It is characterized by involuntary repetitions of sounds and syllables, prolongations of sounds, and broken words.


This class is designed to help teach parents the important tools to help their child learn and develop.  Each class is led by a Speech-Language Pathologist who provides each family with the tools to help build their language skills, naturally throughout each day.


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Speech and Language Disorders Language Disorders are defined as either receptive or expressive. Receptive is the process of

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