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Speech Strategy: Core Word of the Week – Help

sign language help

How to Model “Help” “Help” is one of the core vocabulary words we can teach our children across various contexts and settings! Whenever our children need help matching animal puzzles, or with a toy, they may look to us for help. In that moment, use the gesture for “help” while saying “help” at the same […]

Streamlining Morning Routines

morning routine visual schedule

Establishing routines helps children to build confidence and familiarity of daily activities to promote increased participation. Doing tasks in the same way, in the same order, can help to make morning activities automatic. Routines have been shown to decrease stress for all involved. Here are some tips for streamlining your morning routines: Plan Ahead lay […]

Speech Strategy: Incorporate Core Words

core vocabulary words

What are Core Vocabulary Words? They are a list of highly useful words that make up the majority of what we say everyday. Words that apply across all settings (e.g., during play, while at home, with peers, etc.) Why is Core Vocabulary important? Teaching Core Vocabulary words to our children allows for flexibility across any […]