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Occupational Therapy

Where Children Play to Learn

Occupational therapy (OT) uses specific therapeutic techniques to help children learn to perform daily tasks, such as:

Children who have disabilities or developmental delays, or are recovering from injury or illness, may benefit greatly from OT. Children learn so many things through play, so our techniques utilize play-based activities to keep children engaged and having fun while they learn!

Your child’s confidence (and your pride!) will soar to new heights as they become more independent and able to complete daily tasks that they were once unable to perform.

Getting Started with Occupational Therapy

  1. One of our amazing licensed and certified Occupational Therapists will conduct a thorough assessment to evaluate your child’s ability to perform daily tasks.
  2. Based on our assessment, we’ll develop a customized plan for your child’s therapy and how we can best support you as a family. Our goal is to maximize your child’s potential by working collaboratively with our families and other professionals.
  3. We’ll carry out our plan, and we’ll reassess and adjust it as needed to evolve with your child’s changing needs. Eventually, we hope you won’t need us anymore — but we’re happy to be here as long as you do!