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Following Directions, Sensory Support + New Year’s Crafts

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Speech Therapy: Following Directions

The ability to follow directions is a crucial language skill needed for academic and social success. Below are some ideas to practice following directions while cooking. You can print and cut out the badges in the January 2021 Newsletter and then reward your child as he/she masters the nine cooking skills. Yum!

Sequential: This direction is multi-step and something has to be done first, then second, and so on. “Give me the spoon first, and then the bowl.”

Before/After: “Pour in the milk after you pour in the flour.”

Spatial: Give a direction with a spatial aspect (under, over, above). “Get the spoon which is under the towel.”

Quantitative: “Give me a few chocolate chips.” “Put in a lot of coconut”.

Basic: “Get the flour.”

Tips for Sensory Support for Going Places

  1. Provide advanced warning prior to transitions to increase predictability for children and allow them to feel more secure.
  2. When making a schedule, allow the child to contribute, share the schedule, and make sure they stick to it!
  3. Plan a specific space for sensory time-outs when planning activities
    • Take a time-out on the couch
    • Suggest a walk or stay in an air-conditioned car for 10 minutes
    • Make a go-bag with favorite calming activities
  4. Have a reasonable exit strategy in place and be ready to use it if the time comes
    • Give the kiddo a graceful exit (i.e., a wave) to let you know he/she has had enough
    • Don’t wait to leave. Avoid reaching the breaking point and increase anxiety for the next outing.
  5. Look for sensory-friendly activities
    • reduced noise levels
    • lower lighting

New Year’s Crafts & Activities

Be sure to download the January 2021 Newsletter for some fun craft ideas. Happy New Year!

January 2021 Newsletter