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Speech Strategy: Pausing + Father’s Day Crafts & Summer Activities

girl with down syndrome blowing bubbles

About the Speech Strategy of Pausing

When you have said something to your child, or you are holding a toy and waiting to play, pause in anticipation to give your child time to listen, understand what was asked, and to respond. For example: You say, “What would you like to play?” Give your child time to respond before you say something else.

Show them you are waiting by looking expectantly for a reply.

If your child does not respond, you can say the words that match the activity. For example: You say, “Ball or bubbles?”

Why this Helps

Pausing gives your child time to express themselves and continue the conversation/interaction in some way. If your child is using words, pausing gives your child time to think about what they want to say and to respond. It gives your child an opportunity to go at their own pace and encourages them to take a turn without rushing.

Activity Ideas

Bubbles: Before blowing the bubbles, hold the wand up to your mouth and wait. Your child is likely to communicate in some way that they want you to blow the bubbles. You can say, “blow,” “go,” or “bubbles”.

June 2021 Newsletter

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