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Getting Ready for Summer Vacation + Memorial Day Craft

family in pool summer vacation

The weather is getting warmer, and summer vacation is around the corner! Ease your kiddos through these changes using these strategies for transitioning.

Maintain a routine

Going from a typical school-day structure to days of unplanned play may be confusing to some children. Try to maintain similar elements of their school-day schedule in order to transition them into a more relaxed routine. For example, continue to have your children eat breakfast, wash up, and get dressed and ready for the day, keep lunchtime around the same time as usual, etc. Visual schedules with pictures offer a sense of structure and security for those who may have difficulties transitioning!

Involve your children in making plans

Summer vacation is a time for parents and kids to relax and have some fun! Sit down with your children and have them help you come up with ideas to add to your vacation list. What should we pack for lunch? Should we play in the ocean first, or build sandcastles? This encourages engagement and a sense of control over expectations.

Keep in touch with friends

Try to schedule a play-date (virtual or in-person) with friends or classmates to encourage important social interactions and cooperative play! Meeting at an outdoor park or having a picnic on the beach with familiar faces can be motivational for engagement and participation during these less-structured months.

Dedicate some time to learning

It’s important to take some time during the summer to continue practicing lessons learned in school to maintain and build-upon related skills! These skills carry over to functional activities in everyday life and promote executive functioning and continued learning.

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