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little girl with headphones on

Coping Strategies for Loud Noises on the 4th of July + 4th of July Crafts

Here are some tips and strategies for children who may be sensitive to noises, especially fireworks: Use headphones, earmuffs, or earplugs to decrease level of ...
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girl with down syndrome blowing bubbles

Speech Strategy: Pausing + Father’s Day Crafts & Summer Activities

About the Speech Strategy of Pausing When you have said something to your child, or you are holding a toy and waiting to play, pause ...
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family in pool summer vacation

Getting Ready for Summer Vacation + Memorial Day Craft

The weather is getting warmer, and summer vacation is around the corner! Ease your kiddos through these changes using these strategies for transitioning. Maintain a ...
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babies playing together

6 Stages of Social Play Development + Mother’s Day Crafts

Here are the 6 stages of social play development: 1. Unoccupied Play (Birth – 3 months) Babies are learning about their bodies. They spend most ...
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parent reading to child

8 Tips for Reading Books with Your Child + Spring Crafts

Here are 8 tips for reading books with your child: Vary how your voice sounds. Pause at the end of predictable phrases. Reduce distractions: turn ...
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little girl with heart valentine

Self-Talk and Parallel-Talk + Valentine’s Day Crafts

Here are two language strategies you can use during any activity or task with your child: Self-Talk Narrate what YOU are doing during the activity. ...
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