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Fun Obstacle Course Activity

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sign language help

Speech Strategy: Core Word of the Week – Help

How to Model “Help” “Help” is one of the core vocabulary words we can teach our children across various contexts and settings! Whenever our children ...
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morning routine visual schedule

Streamlining Morning Routines

Establishing routines helps children to build confidence and familiarity of daily activities to promote increased participation. Doing tasks in the same way, in the same ...
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core vocabulary words

Speech Strategy: Incorporate Core Words

What are Core Vocabulary Words? They are a list of highly useful words that make up the majority of what we say everyday. Words that ...
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kids on bean bag chairs

Calming Activities for Back to School

Back to school can be fun, but change can be hard. Help your little one adjust to the demands with these two sensory-based calming crafts, ...
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boy picking out shirt

Speech Strategy: Choice of Two

Choice of Two Hold up two objects and give your child a choice of which one they want. If you see their eyes land on ...
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