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Calming Activities for Back to School

kids on bean bag chairs

Back to school can be fun, but change can be hard. Help your little one adjust to the demands with these two sensory-based calming crafts, to be used in the classroom: Weighted Lap Pad Stress Ball Calming Activities Using All the Senses Calm Down Corner A great way to limit auditory, visual, and other input […]

6 Stages of Social Play Development + Mother’s Day Crafts

babies playing together

Here are the 6 stages of social play development: 1. Unoccupied Play (Birth – 3 months) Babies are learning about their bodies. They spend most of their time moving their arms, feet, and legs. 2. Solitary Play (Birth – 2 years) During this stage, children enjoy playing on their own and exploring their environment independently. […]