Learning Study on Early Intervention

From birth to age 4 considered the critical period for a child, to have developed language and linguistic skills. Children that have trouble with communication or processing a language, as well as not growing or moving as other kids at their age, usually go through the process of early intervention. Early intervention is a program to help children that experience these difficulties, by setting goals for these children to reach, so these skills are not underdeveloped once they grow up. Early Intervention relies heavily on parental participation in a child’s learning and development improves when he or she are around ones that they know.

Our program and many others help aide this challenge directly. Having licensed and certified speech-language pathologist on deck, they provide assessments and work with families to help children experience developmental issues with respect to the communication. Early intervention not only helps your child better their communications skills, but this is an opportunity of both the child and parents to understand the child’s strengths in abilities. Early intervention is never approached from a negative standpoint on needing to fix a child. It involves assessments on what a child has been having a difficult time on and also what they have the ability to do already.

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